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Located at the historical Que Sera in Long Beach, California USA, Release The Bats is the West Coast’s home for new Death Rock music & original Gothic.

Since 1998 they’ve had the pleasure of hosting such acts as Eva O, Kommunity FK, Coffin Draggers, Gitane Demone, Antiworld, Cinema Strange, Wailing Wall, the Vanishing, Frank The Baptist, Phantom Limbs, The Last Dance, Frankenstein, Tragic Black, Penis Flytrap, Dinah Cancer, Fear Cult, Element, Ex Voto, Rezurex, Redemption, Scarlets Remains and they celebrated their SEVENTH anniversary last October. If you missed it you might as well be dead! Back in ’98 when Dave, Jenn, Jeremy & crew threw the first ‘BATS’ it was billed as an “old school” Halloween Party.

Since then it’s become a monthly trip down memory lane and has successfully altered and redefined the “Goth” scene the world over! If you have yet to visit our little roost in Southern California we encourage you to find your way here, leave your troubles behind, & join us for a cocktail or ten. RTB is still held on the 4th Friday of every month, still only $5, and is strictly 21 and over.

Que Sera 1923 E. 7th St. LBC ? 562.599.6170


Written in Ashes deliver dark and haunting melodies with style, incorporating danceable electronics with an intricate mix of guitars and vocals. Written In Ashes has been constantly performing across the United States and is perpetually planning a European tour.

Founded by Kevyn in 1996, Written In Ashes has been gaining critical acclaim and a world wide fan base with it’s ever evolving sound and performances. Their first effort “Eternal” was released in 1997 and hailed as “the new sound of Gothic.” This was followed by the releases of “Eclipse” in1999 and “Epiphany” in 2000. Their have been tertiary appearances on compliations such as Cleopatra’s “Unquiet Grave volume 1” in 1999 and Ankhor Records’ Alice Cooper Tribute “Mutations” in 2002. The band reemerged in 2004 on Latex Records with the strongest material to date with it’s self-titled release “Written In Ashes.” Currently Written in Ashes is writing and performing new material for a yet to be named CD/DVD release.

The band’s current line-up contains founding member Kevyn Douglas Hay along with stage and studio veterans, Damon Law of theStark and sexwithsarah, Christopher Hyde of Grindstone, and T.J. Hamilton of The Dead Stars on Hollywood, and The Gentry.

Written in Ashes has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Faith and the Muse, Gitane Demone, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Switchblade Symphony, Trance to the Sun, Black Atmosphere, Audra, The Cruxshadows, Belle Morte, Seraphim Shock, Voltaire, Collide, and Impotent Sea Snakes, and many more.

Written In Ashes is in studio now recording their latest single ?Life? and more for their upcoming untitled album. We’re filming the process as well as the results in the hopes that we can have a bit of fun and share with you our insight as veterans of the Music Industry Wars. Feel free to view the videos here or subscribe to our Podcast feed…



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