Worn Free Honors Jonh Lennon’s 66th Birthday

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John Lennon “Home Free”

One of John Lennon’s favorite hang outs in the city was Home, a bar/restaurant located on 1748 2nd Ave. The founder Richard Ross created a place for equal people to eat, drink, and jam. Today Home is a clothing store owned by the Ross family in San Diego, CA.

Monday, October 9th marks what would have been John Lennon?s 66th birthday. To honor this milestone, Worn Free announces their new John Lennon t-shirts to commemorate this special occasion. John Lennon was a spokesperson for his generation both musically and politically. As a member of the legendary rock band The Beatles, he brought music to millions of fans world wide. The Beatles were the first band to be televised globally.

As the 60?s ended, Lennon became outspoken about social injustice and the corruption he saw surrounding the war in Vietnam. He continued to speak out for change world wide until his untimely death in 1980. Even when Lennon?s positive messages couldn?t be heard, fans could see his message literally written across his chest.

Worn Free is the idea of innovative designer Steve Coe, who recognized certain T-shirts had come to define specific moments in rock history, and set out to make these designs available to everyone. Worn Free incorporates such memorable images as the YOU ARE HERE T-shirt, created and worn by Lennon and Yoko Ono as their personal life philosophy, along with GRAPEFRUIT, HOME and WORKING CLASS HERO, all licensed to Coe by Yoko herself.

?John Lennon was the inspiration for this entire project. He inspired me, and millions of other people with his creative expressions ? be it a song, a protest – a love-in or even a three-word phrase on a T-shirt. With Yoko?s support, I am proud to bring his words to a new generation of music lovers.?

All the shirts can be seen an purchased on the company website:


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