The living dead return to Chinatown

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The living dead return to Chinatown

45 Grave, (also known as .45 Grave) formed in 1979, is an American punk rock band from Los Angeles, CA, noted for their influential roles in the Horror Rock, horror punk and deathrock genres. The original group broke up in 1985 but vocalist Dinah Cancer has revived the band in recent times.

The band was formed in Los Angeles, California during the punk rock movement. The original lineup consisted of Dinah Cancer on vocals, Paul Cutler on guitar, Rob Ritter (also known as Rob Graves of The Bags) on bass, and Don Bolles (of The Germs) on drums. The band evolved out of an industrial music band called Vox Pop, who recorded two singles and played around the Los Angeles area, specifically in the punk institution the Masque. Vox Pop contained all of the members of 45 Grave as well as others, such as Jeff Dahl. Vox Pop continued to coexist with 45 Grave until early 1981. The band’s name, despite rumors to the contrary, was lifted from a button.

In 1980, 45 Grave recorded their first song, “Riboflavin Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Poly-Unsaturated Blood”, included on the LAFMS (Los Angeles Free Music Society) art rock compilation album, “Darker Skratcher”. The song is a cover version of the cult favorite originally done by “Don Hinson And The Rigamorticians” on their 1964 album release “Monster Dance Party”. Don Hinson at the time was a popular radio personality in Las Vegas, Nevada (and later for 20 years in Los Angeles, California). Mr. Hinson recorded the song in the wake of Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s 1962 novelty song hit “Monster Mash” hoping to emulate the latter song’s success and have an international hit record. Both “Monster Mash” and the Don Hinson original recording of “Riboflavin Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Poly-Unsaturated Blood” were produced by noted novelty song record producer Gary S. Paxton of Skip & Flip. The 45 Grave recording went on to achieve cult status and is a signature song during the bands live shows. 45 Grave members appeared as extras in Blade Runner directed by Ridley Scott.

Early on, the band were playing The Consumers songs that Cutler had written, with lyrics changed to fit Cancer’s singing style. They then wrote the songs that would be released on their first 7″, “Black Cross”, and a fast paced punk song called “Party Time”.

Despite never achieving major success, 45 Grave are recognised as being one of the first Amercian Gothic bands, pre-dating the formation of Christian Death. Allmusic guide cites them as a top artist in the Goth rock genre.

Influences Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Red Flag, Camouflage, Nitzer Ebb, Covenant, Apoptygma, Melotron, S.P.O.K., Underworld and many other fantastic Synth-pop and Techno acts that have made our brain soak in elctronic frequencies since 1985. Sounds Like Future-pop electronica with a hint of EBM basslines and sequences, melodic vocals and techno beats. In other words, ELECTROVÖT!!!

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