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Missing Persons and La Bestia., live show at Costa Mesa,  CA on February 9th 2013

LOS ANGELES, Calif., February 2013/Newswire- Opcion Sonica USA is proud to announce the upcoming show of La Bestia and Missing Persons;

This special show will be held at 1700 Placentia Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92627

-La Bestia., the legendary Rudy Medina “Rudy Brat” one of the great guitar players from the 80’s punk movement and Rocio Ponce “the Beast” singer of la Bestia she is a charismathic front person that will grab your attention and never let go.,

Rocio Ponce lead singer from La Bestia: Her life….Flamenco Classes /Shows, Dance, Fitness and Body Mind, Movement & Voice for Actors Performers La Bestia Music , Shows, Aside from having a passion for the flamenco arts, Rocio has also dedicated her years as an ‘actor’, portraying a variety of roles from supporting, leads, to specialty acts; which include acting, singing, dancing in either Musicals, Television, Commercial, Music Videos, Film and received critical acclaim in a Musical at the La Jolla playhouse (Rocio is also SAGAFTRA & AEA); Rocio was a cast member of Cirque du Soleil’s Ka’. She has dedicated body and soul to flamenco & other different forms of dance since she was 8 years old.
Rocio, in her alternative rock genre AKA La Bestia, has also been a front woman vocalist singer for old-school Los Angeles music groups such as Ollin, Media Blitz, Fuego Cafe & ‘La Bestia’ with band members from ‘The Brat’, ‘Thee Undertakers’, & ‘The Peace Pills’ and has shared the stage, locally & through out the nation, with DRI, JFA, Dr. Know, Green Jello, Tiny Tim, Texas Terry, Betty Blow Torch, Aztlan Underground, Calavera, Boca De Sandia, Las Tres, Alice Bag, D.I. (plus too many to name) & moreover recieving critical acclaim from Punk Rock magazines such as Skratch, Flipside, & MaximumRock&Roll.

Rudy”Brat” shared stage with: Gogo’s, Adam Ant, Flock of Seagulls, The Cramps, Social Distortion, Los Lobos, Dead Kennedy’s Fishbone and many more. Together with Producer Anthony Valli, “Multi platinum artist” of the worldwide hit “Butterfly”, along with LA Bestia’s band members; Anthony Valli; produced a very unique sound with La Bestia music material! Rocio Ponce, Rudy Medina and members of La Bestia, with a full house at the famous House of Blues of Hollywood, CA., performed and delivered to the audience great vocals, great songs, passion, tons of high energy, with a new fresh alternative rock sound., celebrating their Record Release, produced by Opcion Sonica USA. “La Bestia” has made a huge impression on the Rock and Roll scene;


Missing Persons

A blend of New Wave and Pop rock, The singles “Mental Hopscotch”, “Surrender Your Heart” (1984), “Destination Unknown,” “Words,” “Walking in L.A.,” and “Windows” met with varying success, especially in the local markets of Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.  Two years of hard work led up to a signing with Capitol Records in 1982. With label support, the re-released EP and the new full-length album Spring Session M (an anagram of “Missing Persons”) went gold.  The band was founded in 1980 in Los Angeles by guitarist Warren Cuccurullo, vocalist Dale Bozzio, and drummer Terry Bozzio. They went on to add bassist Patrick O’Hearn and keyboardist Chuck Wild. Dale’s quirky voice and heavy makeup made the band a favorite on MTV in the early 1980s. Her revealing outfits played a pivotal role in moving the culture of music videos towards that of overt sexual exhibitionism.  Warren Cuccurullo joined Duran Duran as guitar player for the years  of 1986 – 2001 The Duran Duran Years.  Dale and Terry Bozzio met while working with Frank Zappa, and they married in 1979. Cuccurullo encountered the pair while contributing to the Zappa album Joe’s Garage. O’Hearn was also a former member of Zappa’s touring band, and Chuck Wild had played with a variety of bands before joining.  Missing Persons appeared at a three-day Southern California concert known as the US Festival in May 1983, along with Berlin, David Bowie, The Pretenders, U2, and several other performers.
This special show will be held at Tiki Bar, 1700 Placentia Ave., Costa Mesa, CA  92627.Info. Tel (949) 270-6262/8:00pm



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