ALT+165 February 27, 2008 0

A new Neo-Nightclub event opens in Southern California. If you are into the Cold Meat Industry acts, Rape Art Productions, Old Evropa Cafe, Reverse Alignment, Malignant Records, Equilibrivm Music, and the likes, this is for you!

From the creative mins behind Release The Bats comes something a little more esotheric… “A sonic journey through Apocalyptic Folk and Misanthropic cocktail music!”. Starting this friday they’ll be hosting a Neo-Folk / Experimental nightclub event on February 29th, 2008 and everybody is invited to join this apocalyptic crusade of sensorial experience. For the first event, (there will be only three all year), they will feature a live performance by Hymen recording artist MARCHING DYNAMICS, a Los Angeles based electronic / experimental outfit comprised of Shane Talada, (The Operative, Das Bunker, Element) and live musical guests.

“…Introspective, dark, even a bit morbid.” – ReGen Magazine 1/18/08

Resident DJ’s Reanimator, Dave Skott, and D-Coli will take you on a sonic journey through Love, Pain, Life, Death, Hope, Betrayal, Happiness, and misanthropic cocktail music all set in a dark, dark lounge atmosphere.
We do hope you will join us.

Friday, February 29th 2008
1923 7th St
Long Beach, CA
9pm / 21+ only / $10


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