A Call to Artists “Death of the Bush Era” Show

ALT+165 October 15, 2008 0

November 1st, 2008 – Saturday, 7 – 10pm

DEADLINE: Monday, October 27th

The SPARC Gallery would like to invite multi-media artists, from around the corner and around the world, to submit to our online gallery. We are seeking digital representations of your work, be it film, paintings, graphics, or sound works for SPARC’s exhibit “Death of the Bush Era: What Next?” Works will be selected for their appropriateness to the theme and will be featured on a large plasma screen during the November 1st exhibition.

As in the 2004 exhibit Elect This!, SPARC will once again summon the power of art to inspire people to collectively mobilize towards social change. For over 30 years, SPARC’s progressive programs have stimulated dialogue and encouraged social and political inquiry. In keeping with SPARC’s philosophy, the exhibition seeks to foster awareness, exploration, and reflection on the times in which we live.

In an effort to reach out to artists across the country and abroad, ONLY digital submissions will be accepted. The multifaceted exhibition will examine the global transformation prompted by the eight-year George W. Bush administration, the upcoming election, economic recession, illegal immigration, and the Iraq war.


To be considered, please submit digital representations of your work to the
link below. In the respective fields, you will need to enter the following

1) Your Name and Email Address
2) Photo Title
3) 2 – 4 jpgs of Your Work (*When sending jpgs, make the filename: “artist name and title”)
4) A Brief Description about your submission, including: title, height x width (inches), medium, price. (If applicable, add Link to your website or YouTube video.)

5) More Description: Add your Biography (include phone number and mailing address here)

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